What is your average building timeframe?

We offer a 22 Week Move-in Guarantee from slab down to Practical Completion. We will pay you $400 a week if we miss the deadline, so ask us for the terms and conditions.

Do you use local or imported products?

Imported products may be cheaper, but local suppliers have a much higher quality (and warranty). We encourage our clients to visit the showrooms to view the full range and also discuss any questions directly with the experts.

How much should I budget for at Prestart?

It depends on the needs of each client and what’s included in the standard specification- the more items included means you spend less at Prestart. The builder should be able to provide an estimate of what other clients usually spend.

Can I make changes to my plan?

Some builders provide limited flexibility, so it’s good to know what their procedure is. This is your dream home so we work with you to make the design perfect before you get to your Prestart.

What do your siteworks include?

These items aren’t sexy, but you’ll need a crossover to your driveway and stormwater disposal to your soakwells. It’s also worth asking for a breakdown of the siteworks fee to see what the builder’s price has allowed for.

What’s not included in my home?

Many builders don’t include the Boring Bits such as painting to your ceilings, doors to built-in robes or even light bulbs! If the price sounds too good to be true, there’s a chance there are some important items excluded.